Why Admission with us

Admission open for Session 2021-2022

Reasons to Make Us Your School

=> Assessment & Developing Excellence: Every child is special and unique. It is our endeavour to develop the inherent latent qualities of each child. So that every child should excel on the path of life The curriculum of the school has been designed specially keeping all the levels of intelligence in mind, converting a child into a multifaceted personality. Each and every child will be given the exposure to exhibit and develop his/her talent and develop leadership qualities effortlessly. Children will be guided based on their aptitude. Special training will be provided to inculcate habits that help develop excellence. We aim to introduce internationally developed psychological testing tools to identify each child’s aptitude, special talent to develop and weaknesses to overcome.

=> CBSE Curriculum & International Teaching Methodology: Our curriculum is based on C.B.S.E (Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi) enabling children to prepare for a career in any walk of life, be it Science, Arts or Commerce in any part of the country or the world. Most UPSC exams are patterned on CBSE curriculum and thus our children have an advantage in a competitive scenario. While we follow the CBSE pattern, our methodology and techniques we adopt in teaching and learning are one of the world’s best systems followed extensively by best schools in America, Europe and some of the best international schools in India. We intend to adopt the system and theory of multiple intelligence developed by Howard Gardner. We will focus on the identification of seven distinct learning intelligence.

=> NDA Exam Preparation & Services Children Encouraged: Red Fort founder is an ex-serviceman and the management committee has a strong representation of people trained by the Army and other defence forces.
We will serve the nation by :1. We propose to earmark about 20% of our seats for children of men and women in uniform- Army, Navy, Air force, Para-military / others 2. we will encourage and prepare interested children for a career in the Armed forces. We propose to prepare our children for the NDA written exam, develop fitness
and inculcate officer like qualities for the S.S.B test.

=>Day & Extended-Day Scholars: At Red Fort students have an option of being day scholars or The extended day programme is a wonderful option to suit the convenience of both parents and children.
Students have the option to stay back till 4:30 pm and be a part of the Extended Day Programme where they participate in various interesting activities, sports and academics. The child can play seasonal games or opt for Specialized Coaching in a particular sport. The extended day programme is therefore an extremely productive exercise instilling versatility and sportsmanship in students.