Message From Governing Council

Message From Governing Council

The 21st  century is a complex period, it belongs to India. The world will be ours, but greatness will not be ours unless we prepare our children. Excellence in education, character and patriotism built on a bedrock of our own spiritual traditions will be essential for our nation.

We want every student of ours to be a global citizen of 21st Century and prepared to lead the World. Universality, broadness of spirit, scientific temper, a spirit of inquiry are essential in today’s modern world. Proficiency in language, sound footing in education,  culture and skills relevant to the times have to be given to every child. Apart from this every child’s individual genius has to be identified, nurtured and promoted.

We will need to instill in our children discipline,strength of character and sound values apart from competency and a quest for perfection. Some of the brightest minds of the world come here to Rishikesh to learn something that their own advanced countries do  not have.We want that hidden wisdom of the ages to become an integral part of every child’s mental makeup. Sanskrit is the repository of this technology and an abode  of  wisdom. We want our children to become comfortable in Sanskrit and we will try very hard to make it a language of day to day use in Red Fort. It will be our earnest attempt to make Sanskrit a live language. Where better to start this effort than the banks of the Ganga!

It is  our  dream that every child of this school will be a soldier for the nation equipped for the 21st century.  Red Fort will prepare students for every walk of life and  make his parents proud.

Kishore Rao

Director, Governing Council