Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision & Mission

Why we are here


  • To create world citizens of the 21 century fully developed in mental, martial and musical faculties based on Rishis of India and Plato’s educational philosophy.
  • To raise the potential of each child to stand successfully not only at national level but also in global scenario.
  • To foster simple values of life in the child’s education at all levels, ensuring promotion of rich Indian values.
  • To provide holistic development of the child i.e. the intellectual, physical, moral, social and emotional development.



  1. Prepare students to excel in education, sports and extra-curricular activities for a career in every walk of life.
  2. To nurture excellence in academics and prepare them for competitive exams at national and International level.
  3. To nurture a niche skill set for those interested in branches of learning based on Indian knowledge systems.
  4. To provide special skills to students to prepare them for a career in the Armed forces- NDA


Our Approach : How we achieve it

  • When a student passes out of Red Fort International School we expect him or her to be a proud patriot who is nationalist in nature and globalist in thoughts.
  • At Red Fort International we keep the tradition of Indian education alive, it’s an educational system that has gone through a wide spectrum of change – starting from Gurukul, traversing through conventional schools of the socialist thoughts that defines Indian Education and we’re nurturing it and currently going through Smart bag-less school that cater to the tech savvy child.
  • Pursue excellence and all else shall follow. We aspire to instill the right attitude, values and vision that will prepare the students for lifetime of continued learning and leadership in their chosen careers.
  • But hidden in between all these changes are a constant factor that defines Indian education and we are nurturing it.