The Environment

The school’s environment ensures the safety and comfort of every student. The construction of classrooms, laboratories, activity rooms and art rooms etc. is such that students are well protected from air and noise pollution.

The carefully monitored learning environment ensures that children develop their analytical and problem-solving skills. Special tutorial/remedial teaching, both during and after school hours are arranged according to the needs of each child.

The school has the fully equipped infirmary. We at Red Fort International believe that school is much more than academic lessons and qualifications. Many of the most important lessons are those which students learn as part of team games, cross-fertilizations of ideas, competitions and collaborative work

Morning Assembly/Special Assemblies

The morning assembly is conducted by each class on a daily rotation. These class assemblies give each student an opportunity to participate. This develops their oratory, public speaking skills, and confidence. Cultural shows are put up for all major festivals as well as national days.


Activity Clubs

Every student is encouraged to participate indiscriminately with the intention of nurturing and developing inner talents. Activity clubs allow the learners to pursue any interest in their choice. Hand in hand with classroom education, such events provide the students with an opportunity to be a part of a broad spectrum of activities which promote the development of a “Complete Being”.



Sports and related activities are an integral part of the school curriculum. Students are encouraged to take part in age-appropriate sports activities to ensure their holistic development. The basketball court, football field, sports room and other infrastructural setups are in place to allow the budding sportsman in each child to come forth. As they grow the school ensures that their curriculum is upgraded accordingly. Special training regimes are individually developed by highly qualified and experienced instructors keeping in view the ability, talent and the potential of every child.

We propose to start swimming, squash, lawn tennis and volleyball in the near future.



Science Lab: The school has large, well‐equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Science with the advance system. Science classes are conducted in the laboratories in a scientific ambiance.


 Language Lab: A state‐of‐the‐art Language Lab will be developed for providing greater emphasis to the language skills of the students. This contemporary learning tools and equipment will help to enhance their language skills in times when language and communication skills have a great importance


The technology age has made its way into our classrooms as well. It’s the time where students relate more to computers and laptops than to textbooks!

A student who is not familiar with the use of computers is almost handicapped in today’s age. Our school has a well equipped spacious computer lab. Spacious computer laboratories furnish all requisite modern computer peripherals like printers, scanners, audio-visual equipment and CD-writers which aid the computer education. All branded computers are supported by licensed software programs such as MS-Office, Corel Draw, and Adobe Photoshop along with programming language C, C++ and similar more. Our computer networking system has also made it easy for us to communicate important messages to parents via the SMS server. This makes it easy for us to reach the large parent community almost within no time in case of need


Experienced Faculty: The school houses well qualified, experienced and trained staff members who not only teach the students, but open their minds to new ideas and thoughts.

Teachers are some of those people who have in their hands, the power to influence and mold a student’s mind. They have the capacity to instill in the child a love for learning, to keep an open mind and to keep questioning. They have the ability to promote confidence, stir thinking and awaken dreams. . A well- qualified counselor and special educator is available to the students, parents, and teachers.


CCE Backed Academics: The entire curriculum is designed as per the CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) pattern of the CBSE. Integrated projects and inter‐disciplinary approach allow the students demo‐based learning experience.


Language comprehension, focusing on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills is fundamental to all subjects. Cognitive development, intellectual development, interpretation, and thinking skills are more complex secondary skills that follow. The overall personal, social and emotional development of the student is constantly monitored to ensure a strong foundation for the adult years.


Art Education

Art education is planned to achieve the following:

  • To enable the child to see and to solve problems creatively through imaginative thinking and so encourage individuality and enterprise
  • To nurture a sense of excellence in and appreciation of the arts in local, regional, national and global contexts, both past and present


We encourage students to enthusiastically practice and present music in conjunction with multilingual celebrations and different competitions. These competitions are the inter-house music competition and the multi-cultural festivals. Students either learn Western Contemporary Music (vocal and instrumental) or Indian Classical Music (vocal and instrumental).They are also given adequate time to pursue an instrument of their choice – guitar, drums, synthesizer, piano, flute, tabla, violin, harmonium, sitar etc.

Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities in school build character and develop multiple skills in students. A plethora of activities in

literature, art, science, performing arts and sports, benefits students immensely. We also cultivate non-academic skills such as leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Inter-school competitions expose students to difficult yet real-world situations, thus, training them to become competent individuals. Interaction with students of different schools makes students aware of the community around them. It also makes them aware of the international standards maintained at Red Fort School.

At the end of their schooling, we want our students to not only be academically successful, but also multifaceted, forward thinking, bringing with them leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


The Annual Art Exhibition, Science Exhibition/Week, Computer Week, Subject Weeks and Holiday Home Work display give every student a platform to exhibit his or her work.

Excursions- Advantage of being in the vicinity of Rajaji National Park

The students often head out for adventure based trips under the supervision of their teachers. Such trips ensure that students are equipped with life skills like survival tricks, sharing and team work. These life lessons are a part of the co‐scholastic learning process and the students are assessed for the same.

Since Red Fort is strategically placed in the lap of the Himalayas, and it has Rajaji National Park in walking distance, the students can closely interact with nature and wildlife; this is important in a student’s understanding of the delicate balance and relationship that we share with our environment. Exposure to ecology and environment in the formative years builds an understanding of the world around us. This leads to respect and understanding of the roles of everybody in the protection of the environment. During outdoor excursions, students learn to develop the dynamics of group interaction, interdependence, and team spirit – essential skills for their adult life.


Day and Extended-Day Scholars

The child can play seasonal games or opt for specialized coaching in a particular sport. The extended day programme is, therefore, an extremely productive exercise instilling versatility and sportsmanship in students.

At Redford, students have an option of being day scholars or extended day scholars.The extended day programme is a wonderful option to suit the convenience of both parents and children. Students have the option to stay back until 5:30 pm and be a part of the extended day programme where they participate in various interesting activities, sports and academics.

 International Exposure 

“Young people must have the courage to think differently,

courage to invent, to travel the unexplored path,

courage to discover the impossible and to conquer the problems and succeed.”

                                                                                                            ‐ APJ Abdul Kalam

We propose to give the students international exposure through international visits, technology like video conferencing and blogging for an ongoing dialogue between students of same classes spread across the globe in near future. The underlying principle behind this is to break down cultural and religious differences which ultimately will result in a world united by understanding, acceptance, and compassion. In other words, we will nurture the citizens of a global village.

 Cultural Events

To pave the way for such non-cognitive learning we organize a variety of competitions and cultural events which also support formal learning. A sense of belonging and loyalty are promoted in the students by dividing them into four different houses namely, BURANSH, BRAHAMKAMAL , NEELKAMAL ,Interclass/house competitions such as debate, recitation, fancy dress, group song, folk dance,

rangoli, art, and craft etc. provide learning experiences which enrich the educational and social development of the students.

Awards and Scholarship in the true tradition of Red Fort

All pupils are encouraged to take part in curricular and co‐curricular activities. Those excelling in these activities are given due recognition through Certificates and Rewards. Students scoring above the given criteria, set by the School in any subject are rewarded.

Proficiency Awards/Certificates: Proficiency Awards/ Certificates  will

be awarded to students for the following:

I) Securing the highest aggregate marks in a class.

II) Securing the highest marks in a subject in a class.


III) 100% attendance in the academic year.

  1. IV) Achievements in co‐curricular activities and sports.
  2. V) Encouragement Awards/Certificates
  3. VI) Scholarship



Seminars and workshops will be organized from time to time, both for the students as well as teaching staff. Children learn various skills such as pottery, waste management, public speaking etc. Teaching faculty keeps abreast with the latest techniques and trends in education.


While the school offers the students a chance to learn English (as also a number of foreign languages), they also get to study Sanskrit, the language of this ancient land. The researcher’s world over are recognizing the benefit of learning Sanskrit. At Red Fort, we help students exploit the “Sanskrit-English- linguistic duo” for an optimal way of verbal cognition, and specifically in developing foundations for semantic understanding. Every day we are discovering how the wisdom of ancient Masters is helping mankind, especially education. The way forward is the way that has long been in use, a way that comes down to us from the ancient past. This is what we believe at the Red Fort International School. Like the Ganga, we believe that wisdom has its source in the heavens and its stream flows on till eternity. We have to marry the past with the present and march forward valiantly into the future.


About Campus


The School is situated near the bank of the Ganges surrounded by Manikut Parvat.The area of the school is  5.25 bigha 4725 Yards………………..

We have 33 class room and 6 labs , basement , admin block ,a large ground with basket ball ,volley ball

Badminton Court , seprate Ground for junior wing with play station. on every floor school have a one staff room. First Aid room. well hygienic wash rooms on each floor.Parking for all type of vehicles

In front of the school one garden with different flowers and grass . Conference hall. Lift  Facility. Pantry Room . Security Room at the front of the school Gate


The entire school is equipped with technical systems ensuring safety norms.

24/7 security of the campus is ensured through strategically located surveillance cameras and CCTV monitoring by trained security personnel.