About Red Fort School

The school started its  first  session 2018-2019 . The school is affiliated by CBSE wherein the Affiliation Code of School is 81981. It is situated on banks of the holy Ganga  surrounded by Manikut Parvat in the proximity of the archeological site of the ancient Virbhadra temple mentioned in the scriptures. Large open spaces, majesty of the Himalayas- Shivaliks, the banks of the holy river and greenery of the Rajaji National park on the left bank of the Ganga  form  the  backdrop  of  the  school.

The  calm,  peaceful  and  serene environment is a wonderful environment for learning and imbibing knowledge.

We have a large well designed airy naturally lit well ventilated school building  with all the modern amenities on a sizeable piece of land with ample space for sports and games.

The design is exposed open brick architecture in classical timeless style and can be counted among the best buildings in Rishikesh.

We have 33 large spacious classrooms and 6 modern Labs, a space for indoor games and 

activities in the lower level, a separate Admin office, large ground with basket ball, volleyball, badminton courts, separate area  for junior wing with play station. Conference hall and lifts for the differently abled are some of the thoughtful facilities provided.


The entire school is equipped with technical systems ensuring safety norms. 24/7 security of the campus is ensured through strategically located surveillance cameras and CCTV monitoring by trained security personnel.

Experienced Faculty:

The faculty is a mix of youth and experience who are all trained and very well qualified .

We also have a well qualified counsellor to guide the students, parents and teachers. We propose special training to all our staff on an ongoing basis through exchange and training programs in the best centers of learning in India and abroad.

Infirmary :

The school has fully equipped infirmary with a full time experienced attendant. Medical record is a must and has to be submitted by parents.

Sports, Camping & Military Training :

We propose to start most of the field sports, athletics  and games in the school. The children will all be trained in elementary camping and military skills of drill and self defence

The Environment

The school’s environment ensures the safety and comfort of every student. The construction of classrooms, laboratories, activity rooms and art rooms etc. is such that students are well protected from air and noise pollution.

The carefully monitored learning environment ensures that children develop their analytical and problem solving skills. Special tutorial/remedial teaching, both during and after school hours are arranged according to the needs of each child.

We at Red Fort International believe that school is much more than academic lessons and qualifications. Many of the most important lessons are those which students learn as part of team games, cross fertilizations of ideas, competitions and collaborative work.

International Exposure

We propose to give the students International Exposure through international visits, technology like video conferencing and blogging for an ongoing dialogue between students of same classes spread across the globe in near future. The underlying principle behind this is to break down cultural and religious differences which ultimately will result in a world united by understanding, acceptance and compassion. In other words we will nurture the citizens of a global village.

Excursions- Advantage of being in the vicinity of Rajaji National Park

The students often head out for adventure based trips under the supervision of their teachers. Such trips ensure that students are equipped with life skills like survival tricks, sharing and team work.

These  life lessons are a part of the co-scholastic learning process and the students are assessed for the same.

Since Red Fort International is strategically placed in the lap of the Himalayas, and it has Rajaji National Park in walking distance, the students can closely interact with nature and wildlife; this is important in a student’s understanding of the delicate balance and relationship that we share with our environment. Exposure to ecology and environment in the formative years, builds an understanding of the world around us. This leads to respect and understanding of the roles of everybody in the protection of the environment. During outdoor excursions, students learn to develop the dynamics of group interaction, interdependence and team spirit – essential skills for their adult life