Message From Chairman’s Desk


RFI is the first and foremost in applied leadership academy. Before you pass out, you will experience a level of responsibility that many adults will never experience.

The academy will run for the cadets, by the cadets. Both success and failure are yours to have. What will you choose?

A dedicated team of staff members are happily involved. It’s now up to you to take everything that has been put in place and leverage that to be as successful as you choose to be. Our mission is to develop well educated, civic-minded, professionals that are tomorrow’s business, and public service leaders.

Your time at RFI will be challenging. It will most certainly be transformational. Some of you will immediately take to our culture. Others will need some time to adjust. The staff and cadet leaders will be there to guide and mentor you. You have not enrolled in a boot camp! RFI most closely models the Indian Military School We have developed this academy to be challenging.

We have also put into place services that will help you succeed in areas you may struggle, be it with the military structure or academics. We expect that you will persevere. You will have failures, we designed it so you will. Just don’t quit! We along with our cadet leaders and fellow cadets will be there to pull you through.

Welcome, again I am confident you will have a wonderful experience at RFI. The staff feels privileged for the opportunity to work with such fine young men and women. History is yours to make. What you do or not do will be the legacy of Red Fort International Public School.

Your future is in your hands and I’m fully confident you will achieve greatness.

– Mr Shurveer Singh Bisht