Annual Sports Day- “Junior and Senior Group” (2020)

Annual sports day was celebrated grandly at 08/Feb/2020, among the students of Junior and Senior group students at Red Fort International Public School.


During this, students participated in Sports Competition like 50 m Race, 100 m Race, 200 m Race, Lemon Race, Frog/ Duck Walk Race,Long Jump, Shot Put, Discuss Throw and  Relay Race


Sonam Panwar was chosen as the best female Athlete and Sumit Rana as the best male Athlete in the Junior category, on the other hand Tamun Pal was chosen as the best female Athlete and Shivam Singh as the best male Athlete in the Senior category. 

On this occasion, all the winners were awarded with medals and citations. Annual Sports Day was inaugurated by four houses of the school- Darwan House, Gabbar House, Jaswant House, and S.S house along with the Parade.

The Chairman of the school Mr. Shurveer Singh Bisht, respected Principal Mr. Manoranjan Devrani, Vice Principal Mrs. Kalpana Sharma, Academic Head Mr. Amit Mamgai, Sports Teacher Mr. Manoj Rawat and all teachers were present on this occasion.